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Sponsorship Resources
  1. Organization background (history, mission, staff, activities, and programs) - The website does this but having a print-ready PDF would be a nice to have. 
  2. Board list and/or list of names and professional affiliations of directors and trustees (where available)
  3. Specific ways organization will be recognized (the sponsor menu does this)
  4. How funds will be used? (This might be up to the board member when selling the sponsorship but it will be important to have this information ready should someone ask)
  5. Updated sponsor menu (new details, link to video, and maybe a $500 level which is the current $1000 level and we give the $1000 level 1 event access benefit). This one is a much easier number for folks with smaller firms to give)

Alignment Form 

To be completed before proposing partnerships, grants, events etc.


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